Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Photos, bike ride, etc.

Just back from my morning bike ride - got off to a very late start. I only went about 10 miles - to the far end of Sun City West, then back to the other end (Bell Road) and then to Roberta's. Now I know how to get to Safeway, $.99 store and Bob's hardware/general store. I did slather on the sunblock, wore a hat and made sure I was back by 9a.m. - still got very HOT. Glad I have a lot less hair than last week as even that was soaked with perspiration. (Or as Mother used to say - "pigs sweat, men perspire, ladies glow". My hair was glowing.)

Roberta, Sid and I went through some old photographs last night. Roberta did throw out a bunch of pictures of people we didn't recognize (like John's widows on the Middle East trip) and scenery pictures with no people. She even decided that perhaps she didn't need EVERY single picture of Beethoven, except when he was especially cute - which was still quite a few.

Sid and Roberta seem suitably worn out from the big trip. I've heard about how very nice Crowsons' house is, the nice neighborhood, Christian's walk/escort trips with his elderly aunt- so she wouldn't get too lost and how grown up Ginny is. Also, heard a lot about how great the food was - and how much of it there was.

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Catherine said...

Serena, you got your hair cut? I'm working 12-9 tomorrow, 9-6 on Friday, off over the weekend. You're welcome to be here anytime. Love, Catherine

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