Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Back from the morning walk

We got a late start this morning (6 a.m.) - Catherine is working 12 - 9 today and Gerry didn't feel like leaving before dawn. We did the more usual southern route - past former Governor Meacham's house that was moved, past the Mennonite senior citizen's area, saw the lumber business and the Estrella mountains in the distance. Other landmarks not so permanent, at least one hopes - the dead tree limb museum, apartment complex with overflowing garbage. C&G say "Good Morning" to everyone we pass. Usually get a good reply, but this morning one person sort of mumbled a reply and one person just didn't answer. Oh, and we (well, C&G) found three pennies.

The photograph is of the Estrella Mountains, although the photographer (whoever he/she is) didn't get the lumber business in the frame, too.

Breakfast is soon - fruit and grains with soy milk and green tea.

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