Monday, August 07, 2006

ACH Testing

ACH stands for Automated Clearing House aka electronic payments. Direct deposit and debit card transactions. I'm taking this for work not for giving birth. Hope that answers your questions Mary Virginia - you aren't that old or maybe you are - I will be 30 next year and you seem to remember my birth very well!


serena said...

Was Mary Virginia actually alive when Wendy Jean was born? All I remember about that week was that my mother stopped to see me in Kansas City for a couple of days and slept on a bed my roommates and I had in the living room and she said it was a terrible bed. And she also didn't really like the dog walking on the bed while she was in it. Then she left in a rush to be there for Wendy's first appearance.

I also remember that Catherine didn't spend the night in the hospital, although she says she did. And that is all I remember or not.

Children really aren't that interesting until they can carry on a conversation.

Wendy, John wants to know if you are having morning sickness. I said that since you talked a lot about how much you love pancakes for breakfast, I assumed not, but that I hadn't thought to ask such a personal question.

Catherine said...

Yes, I'm pretty sure, positive actually, that MV was born abou 13.5 years before Wendy.

Mary Uible Crowson said...

my birthday, for the record, is 28 Feb 1964. I think Wendy's is 23 Sep 1977. That should put me as older than Wendy....I remember I stayed home with Ruth and was sitting in the living room when the call came that afternoon that I was no longer the BABY in the family....

serena said...

Oh, yeah, I do now vaguely recall that MV was alive and talking around the time that Wendy was born.

I do remember that MV enjoyed it when her siblings were all off somewhere else and she was an only child.

I do remember MV's date and that it was leap year. We used to tell her that Mom and Dad lied and she was really born on Feburary 29, so when she had been alive 8 years, she was really only 2 years old.

Roberta said...

I too remember well when Wendy was born, Mom, Grandma, and I were heading West, and about St. Louis, the first night or two, Mom decided in order to get there in time, she better fly! So that she did, and then she waited ???? number of days until September 23.

WE are off for a swim (well for Serena, and I talk and walk!)in the close-by pool. The winter place is close to three pools, the closest being less than a mile away, and the others being less than 3 miles. More later, Trust everyone has enjoyed their Monday

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