Sunday, August 13, 2006

Brunch with a Bunch, including Roberta, Catherine, in-laws and future in-laws

We had a very nice brunch with the big group - there were 15 of us. The First Watch location (Roberta's suggestion) was excellent - we had an entire room to ourselves so we could make plenty of noise and move around some without difficulty. Parking was somewhat difficult because of all the downtown street construction.

Catherine was there with her husband Gerry and their daughters WendyJean and Dee Lynn. Dee's children were there - Jonathon (aged 9) and Jessica (aged 16). Roberta was there with husband Sid. Kenneth Charles Counts was there with WendyJean. His mother (Marsha - also WJ's boss's boss), her father Tom and Ken's two sisters - Sarah and Stephanie were also there. Oh, and Katie, Sarah's 4 year old daughter was also there. There were many topics of conversation - including a planned trip with Katie and her
great-grandpa, grandmother, and mother to Ogden, Utah to take a picture of 5 generations . . . and I assume to visit with Katie's great-great-grandfather, too. There's only an eighty year difference between the oldest and youngest generation.

I did get the scoop on exactly where WendyJean works - Capitol Bancorp, along with her future mother-in-law and two of her future sisters-in-law. KennethCharles works at Water Engineering Services. (Not quite sure what he does there, but he has a company truck to get there and Wendy assures me he can count. Although maybe she was referring to his name, not his job. So he may be a truck driving accountant . . . or not.)

The food was very good - Roberta and I split some wheat germ pancakes and a Greek Omelet (spinach, feta cheese, tomatoes and olives). The conversation and company was lively and pleasant. I didn't get any reading done.

edit added later: Okay, I think I've made the requested corrections regarding family relations and age . . . or at least tried. Still not quite sure how to spell Jonathon's name. At least KC3 will be easy to spell. And added a few lines to see if anyone notices - "Hi WendyJean!"


Catherine said...

You got it almost all correct! Katie is actually 4 years old, and the trip to Utah will include Marsha's father so the five generations will be: great-great-grandpa, great-grandpa, grandmother, mother & Katie. Later they will have to repeat this trip with KC3! Also, Dee's name is actually Deanna Lynn but since she goes by Dee....

Roberta said...

THANKS, Serena, but one minor detaill is that the youngest one Stephanie there is 4 and not 2! We did have the cultural experiience in stopping at the Ranch Grocery.......and the crowds were there. We did get a few bargains,and doubt if we will go on Wednesday! More from Sid via emaail, until I get him to be a blogger!

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