Saturday, August 05, 2006

Shopping, shoes, libraries, books and other stops in the desert

Roberta, Sid, Pam and I went shopping this morning. We hit about 6-7 shops. I got quite a few things - a Lands End dress, a shirt, pair of slacks and FIVE pairs of shoes - including three pairs of SAS shoes. I spent a total of about $15.00 - of course - everything was bought at thrift shops. One of the best ones was one that Pam suggested - the Lutheran Thrift shop. One store had like 8-9 pairs of size 11 Narrow shoes - I might have bought all of them (at $.75 per pair), but some of them just didn't fit well enough . . . even at the price. As Roberta said, "Probably the same woman donated those shoes because she doesn't need them any more." Or more accurately, her surviving relatives probably donated them.

Then we headed back to Ballad Drive and had a meal of leftovers - Bacon and tomato sandwiches and lots of fruit, especially strawberries (from Costco).

Catherine and I had a nice day yesterday. We started out with a walk, of course. I got a slightly earlier start as I had wanted to do a stroll up (and back down) the stadium stairs - then Catherine and Gerry joined me and we walked through Glendale Community College and the Sahuaro Ranch. Of course because of the time of day those roosters are all crowing like crazy - and there are a lot of them. I'd like to tape them to send to Mary Virginia so that she can use it for Miss Ginny as a reveille. Anyway, then we walked south and around and eventually ended up back on 63rd Drive.

Catherine and I went to Velma Teague Branch Library in the afternoon as she was filling in there. The branch is certainly much smaller than Main where Catherine normally works, but quite busy. I did find quite a few books to check out.

Oh, after Roberta and Sid picked me up last evening we went, among other places to In-N-Out - a place I had heard recommended by, among other people, Julia Child. It was quite interesting - they have a very simple menu, but they really had the business last night. Very different from

the delicious ethnic and vegan food at Catherine and Gerry's, but delicious in its own way. I made do this morning with raw oats, Cheerios and strawberries - didn't have all the whole grains, nuts, berries, green tea and twigs that I have when Catherine fixes me a copy of her breakfast. Whenever a food calls for more than about five ingredients, it is just too confusing and I simplify.

Oh, speaking of confusing. We went to Costco last night. I have looked at yeast in all the grocery stores and it has been outrageously expensive. Like, $7.95 for 8 oz or $2.75 for those three tiny little packet deals. Finally bought it at Costco for $3.75ish . . . for 2 pounds. That doesn't make sense to me, but anyway, guess I better bake some bread soon.

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Catherine said...

Serena, this answers my question about how the thrift stores were. Like the pictures in your post. Did you get the VTB one off the library's website? Missed you on our walk this am and wondered what you were eating in SCW.

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