Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Tips and Comments

Commenting is turned on, but only with moderation. I don't care so much who comments about what, but that will keep the spam comments off the blog. So anybody can comment, but the comments won't be posted until I have approved them.

All contributors can post without moderator approval. Within reason, anyone who wants to contribute, drop me a line, and I'll be glad to add them as a contributor. (I would especially encourage WJM and HSK . . . KCC3 is not quite old enough YET, but KCC2 is welcome.)

As far as not seeing posts . . . you might want to make sure you go through and get to the point of "publishing".

Also, is everyone aware of the comments? They don't really show up unless you click on them . . . I may be able to make them more obvious. I'll check tonight, but may not get done until tomorrow evening.

Also, is everyone (Roberta?) aware that there is a spellchecker? Just click on the ABC over the checkmark.

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