Monday, August 07, 2006

more questions

Serena and Wendy, please be sure to read my comments on the blog re: my (and Wendy's) age. Now that we know what ACH is, maybe the more appropriate question is where are you working these days? Are you using your college education? I have used parts of mine, but other parts were pretty much useless, although required by the college. There are a lot of things we learn along the way (true of any job) that they DON'T teach you in college that at times are invaluable to job performance, etc.

There is a run-off election here tomorrow in GA and the local prediction is that there will be 5% turn-out. If the polling place weren't at my work place, I don't know that I would spend my gas to vote.

I, too, spoke to Mom this evening who gave me the same update that Serena rec'd. I tend to have more questions when going to the Dr. and would like to find out the results of the pathology report, but glad that it is "minor". Any surgery seems minor until it's your own....

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