Sunday, August 27, 2006

Roberta the Blogger

I told RUK tonight that I don't know what on earth she did for entertainment before we had the family blog a month ago. I believe she has been on the computer as much (or more) than all 5 of the rest of us combined today! You can see by the time of the posting how long I had to wait to get the computer (maybe I exaggerate just a little).
We did have an excellent dinner tonight---totally different menu than when Mom and Dad were here. The waiter tonight was the owner's son who will be going back to Germany in 2 weeks to complete his high school and then contemplate college. Ginny is hoping to return to eat BEFORE the guy leaves in two weeks. Hopefully she is not holding her breath!
Will be interesting to see what RUK and Sid think of the 9:00 service tomorrow morning; the youth band (Ginny's group) will be playing (their volume settings start at loud and go up from there) but Don's preaching will certainly not be that loud.
Time for bed both here and Arizona time. Sorry to miss talking to the folks today but we will try to call you tomorrow.
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