Sunday, August 06, 2006


Thought of you all tonight with our ice cream social at church...there were 5 different churns entered and 5 different flavors....the prize winner was the chocolate; my favorite was the peanut butter, which must have been made with chunky PNB as there were actual nuts. Want to get the recipe for that one! By the time I went through the line, the milky way flavor was gone (made with melted milky way bars). There was still vanilla and key lime as well (which had graham crackers you could garnish with. If someone is going to the trouble to make ice cream with all the good ingredients, they might as well make it some form of CHOCOLATE or chocolate +++++ I don't know that any of them were hand churned the way we used to do it; come to think of it, I don't know anyone who still owns an old fashioned crank churn. I did get (as a present) an ice cream maker attachment for my kitchenaid mixer but have never used it.

Don requested Pork BBQ and brunswick stew for his birthday this week....anybody ever tried this? It is definitely a regional thing; not my taste, but very unique. It is a tomato base with corn, lima beans, pork and chicken. not a vegan recipe! Do you vegans ever crave meat? dairy? It is beyond my imagination voluntarily giving up those foods.

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Roberta said...

I have not met an ice cream I did not like, though the tomato ice cream in Europe came close! I have never had key lime, except in pie or a slice in my diet coke to make it a healthy drink. Sid does like peaches...........but here they get wrinkled before they get ripe too often~~~~Roberta

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