Saturday, August 12, 2006

Brunswick Stew and Stripping

Wallpaper, that is! We have had this hideous wallpaper in our bathroom and a small "powder room" and this winter I did the bathroom but just now getting around to the powder room---it is SMALL--as I can stand in the middle and touch everywall as well as brush my teeth or open my closet door! The first layer of wall paper was easy. The second (probably original) must have been put up with super glue and is quite stubborn. Will go after it again tomorrow and hopefully finish the stripping next week.
The birthday dinner was excellent---although I can't say I learned to make potato salad in my growing up years! It is an acquired taste I realize but a pretty standard staple in the south. Roberta and Sid, there was PLENTY of Brunswick stew left over and I froze a goodly amount to pull out for your visit in 2 weeks. Hard to believe you will be here that soon!
Tomorrow afternoon Christian has a birthday party to go to (with swimming), then Ginny has a birthday party to attend tomorrow night for a friend who is turning 14 on the 14th. They are going all out with renting a hummer limo, taking she and several friends to Macon to a Japanese steakhouse, etc, etc. I told Ginny NOT to get her hopes up for her next birthday...Mom and Dad, you will remember the Lovett House downtown across from the Library and Page House B&B? This girl is the only child of this branch of the Lovett family....
Hope all of you have a wonderful weekend. Children's and Youth choirs start Sunday night....where did the summer go?!

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Roberta said...

Riding in a hummer at 14! WOW! I hope GInny takes her camera! Speaking of being 14, I think that was the last time I tried to help someone strip wallpaper,up in the big house on the corner! We are off for a bike ride ourselves....should have been out hours ago! More later.

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