Saturday, August 26, 2006

Mary Virginia protecting her dinner

This is Mary Virginia with the famously friendly dog. Picture was probably taken at Roberta's house . . . 25 years ago? I don't quite remember the dog's name, but I do remember how friendly he was. And what a difficult time Roberta and Marian had giving him away. Posted by Picasa

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Mary Uible Crowson said...

Thanks, but now I am trying to remember what that dogs name was...........does anyone else remember??? I just remember the trouble he got into! He chewed up one of my photo albums..........guess his feelings were hurt he did not get on the cover! I have been playing LIFE game with Christian. WE are soon off to eat, the bed and breakfast, but we will only have supper here. CHristian waited on us for breakfast this morning, complete with menus listing many options. More later, as the saying goes. GOod to talk with Mom and Dad today,though too bad the connection was not better! Got to go and change into my better clothes, meaning off with the shorts. This is Roberta the Blogger not Mary Virginia the singer

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