Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Caught the changes..............

Serena, I did just catch the changes and corrections you made to the Brunch with a bunch.

We have been chasing around tonight, hopefully now have ALMOST all the food we need for the Hawaiian meal on Thursday at work. We ended up going to the COSTCO at Christown, for special chips (Hawaiian) and a pulled pork dish that I sure hope is good!

Did I mention on the blog about the main office marketing folks sending out 850 "special" invites for the return of the hot lunch on September 1. The only problem is that we can only take 75 total, and we had 65 total on Friday the day the invites were sent out. So today two of us were fielding the calls, and saying, "sorry all full" which most people could not understand! September 1 is going to be quite exciting, there will be a drawing that day for many prizes, the top one being a free meal for one weekly for one year! Samples of future desserts, free samples (like Costco!) and and and.

I just tried to work the spell check here, but without success..............off to set my alarm, see some of you at the Morgans at 7:30 or so.................Best of Tuesdays to one and all..........Roberta the blogger

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