Wednesday, August 16, 2006

latest development

Serena being modest may not tell this, but someone called me today with a computer problem and wanted to know if I could come over and solve their computer problem. After a quick second, I told them I had a sister who could no doubt help them! Long story made bearable is that Serena was able to solve this lady's problem in less than an hour! The lady wanted to pay, She was so thankful to have her computer "back" but Serena refused, so when I got there, I was quick to tell her that instead of paying she could feel free to refer others to Serena, to that she said her neighbor had been wanting help with his computer. Being the entrepreneur (meaning business person!) that I am I see a great future, as soon as the word gets out!

We are off to a music program and a stop at Wendy's as in Dave Thomas first. Has everyone had a good day??? Roberta

with a few spelling corrections by Serena

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