Saturday, August 05, 2006

Glendale, AZ - Parks and Recreation - Sahuaro Ranch Park - History

Glendale, AZ - Parks and Recreation - Sahuaro Ranch Park - History

Thought of Oscar Johnson when here, especially when we saw all that old farm machinery. I told Catherine that the peacocks reminded me of Hale Hospital where the peacocks used to roam around. She said that she doesn't remember the peacocks being there - at Hale Hospital, not the Ranch, of course.

Well, we are off to go swimming.

Yes, Catherine, I think the photo of Velma Teague photo was from the city site somewhere - I looked it up on Google Images. Roberta didn't really recognize it, but (a) Roberta doesn't recognize many libraries and (b) I must say the photo doesn't scream "Velma Teague" even to me.

Well, we went to church somewhere east of here at some United Methodist Church. Oh, met Roberta's handyman earlier today. We got talking and I found it he grew up in Newark. He knows where Church Street is and Park National Bank and everything. His name was Bob B . . . something. He didn't know any Ashcrafts, so he must not know many people in Newark.

Well, Roberta will be out momentarily with her bathing suit on and we're not on Joe time.

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