Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Report 8/9/06

Just talked to Mother - sounds like her appointment went very well and encouraging preliminary report.

Roberta, electrical whiz, has gotten the air conditioning going again. It went out last night about 8:00 p.m. - it was a warm night. About 9:00 this morning an electrician fix-it guy came and diagnosed the problem - a new fuse was needed . So we went to Coco's for breakfast and to get into the cool. Catherine picked me up there and R&S went off in search of the right fuse. I just recently talked to Sid and he said that due to Roberta's great skill in replacing fuses and flipping switches, the house is again cooling down again.

We're leaving soon for GPL. Catherine and I went downtown to Phoenix Public Library. More on that later . . . gotta run as my ride is leaving soon. And then off with Roberta and Sid to some going away party for someone I don't know.

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