Wednesday, August 23, 2006

other Uibles

Serena, I thought you'd be interested that I heard from David Uible (one of our Cincinnati cousins) who came across the Uible blog on the internet. He is the youngest son of Richard and Verna (9 children) and AKA the Buffalo Rancher. He would remind you an awful lot of John with same build, mannerism, soft spoken, etc, but lots of black hair! We love your bald head, JB, so don't take offense!

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serena said...

Yeah, I vaguely recall meeting him . . . or one of those other tall, thin, dark-haired Cincy Uible males. There is a website for the Vista Grand Ranch buffalo ranch.

There have also been some Cincy paper articles about him and the ranch:

Look Who's Talking: David Uible, sold on buffalo

Buffalo roam in New Richmond: Adventurous urban couple buys farm, puts stake in 70 head.

Items from Uible photo album