Sunday, August 06, 2006

Editing posts, etc.

Just for everyone's information, I do once in a while edit others' posts if I see obvious typos or something that is too confusing. For instance, MV's post last night was originally titled "Uible Family: A Blog" and then had a link back to the blog to which she was posting which would just take one back to the same place as one was before one clicked on the link. I just thought it was too confusing to have an entry with the same title as the blog itself.

And I've caught two typos - one of my own and one from one of my sisters - I corrected both of them.

I've also been playing this morning with a Flickr account for Roberta. Flickr stores photographs and is pretty easy to use. There are free accounts which are probably fine for most people - people with lots of photographs, like Roberta I would probably recommend the upgraded account which is, I think, $25.00 a year which allows one to add a lot more photographs and some more features. Flickr has lots of instructions for novices which is also helpful.


Catherine said...

Serena, can you copy and paste a link or a jpeg? Or how does one insert a link?

Mary Uible Crowson said...

we'll get the hang of this; patience is the key. thanks for the pointers.

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