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January 2, 1989-1999 Granville Inn, ice, tomato

HH Diary January 2, 1989-1999

Monday 1989 -Took down Christmas tree, etc.  Jean called the D...'s about the finishing of the Homer Thompson furniture.  Ate the tomato that John Hughes had brought to the church bazaar.  Rode 5 miles.

Tuesday 1990 - [Phoenix] John talked about having Julie come out.  Got 5 WNJs.  Joe arrived after midnight.  501 cu ft of water, $16.19, sewer $16.76 + trash $3.30 = $36.25

Wednesday 1991 - [to Newark] Left after lunch for Westerville to visit Thelma Holmes, she is unable to talk.  Then to bookstore, Jean wanted Monkeys on the Interstate[: And Other Tales from Americas Favorite Zookeeper by Jack Hanna], also got book on China and Let's Go Europe.  John had made reservations at the Buxton Inn, the Sapphire Room.  We met Julie's parents and John and Julie at the Granville Inn for a leisurely dinner.  Afterwards drove into Newark and got gas at UDF for $1.12

Thursday 1992 - Mother [that would be Grandma to us youngsters] non-communicative today.

Saturday 1993 - Went to Dayton mall area, Sam's Club, Phar-Mor, etc. then had supper at Antonio in Centerville [Antonios listed in West Chester, but not in Centerville].  Jean's friend Mrs. McMullen died.  She was 100.

Sunday 1994 - John, Julie and Serena left.  Ed Johnson [pastor] told story of fellow up to his ankles but since he went in head first we had better hurry.  Took poinsettias and lentil soup out to the Everett Penn's.  Roberta called about coming in April.

Tuesday 1996 - Icy snow fell.  Brown Pub. celebrating 75 years.

Thursday 1997 - [Phoenix]  Squaw Peak walk, took me two hours, Wendy does it in 1.25.  Had lunch at 32nd St. and Lincoln [several different restaurants have been in that location, current occupied by L'Amore, upscale Italian], had portobello sandwich but oh the large amount of mashed potatoes.  Jean got watch at Loehmanns then went to Last Chance and nearby library [Phoenix Century Branch].  Catherine showed me her computer set up for stocks

Friday 1998 - Christian was circumcised.

Saturday 1999 - [Fearrington House, NC] Drove into Raleigh, old fashioned looking Capitol building.  Nice history museum nearby, opened in 1992.  Jean slipped on ice just after getting out of the car upon return to the hotel.

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Mary Uible Crowson said...

We howled over the one sentence in 1998. What a commentary!

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