Saturday, July 12, 2014

1964 Marianne's Statement -July 12

This statement brings back memories of a day when there were lots of chores to be done – a Monday so most likely laundry day with loads of clothes to be hung out.  Marianne was not so thrilled with younger siblings – hers, mine or both!  She lived up to this statement by having only two children.  The definition of "bunch" according to in this context is "a group or company." Transcription follows.
I will not under any terms get married and have a bunch of children!  I do not want a Mess!
Marianne Horton
7/12/64 age 15¼

Catherine Uible
& her father 
          Harold Uible

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Mary Crowson said...

And among the laundry, my diapers. If she was visiting New Vienna, I'm sure Luscious put her to work!

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