Tuesday, July 08, 2014

1964 Postcard to Catherine at church camp -July 8

First paragraph is written by Roberta (?) or Serena (?) or possibly John though at eight he may not yet have been writing cursive.  Second paragraph written by Jean, card addressed by HH.  Scribbles could have happened anytime in the last 50 years.  We all know how precocious he was though. Evidently Marianne came down with some contagious disease at church camp – chicken pox, measles, or ??  It was a big deal to get mail at camp – not everyone did, and mail call was a much anticipated time of day.  Transcription follows.

1964 Postcard to Catherine at church camp -July 8
[July 8, 1964 postmarked]
Hi!  Went to Cinn but it rained, rained and rained until about 1.00.  We saw musseam [sic or mumeam] Enden Park, plus zoo.

Sorry Marianne had to come home but hope she din't spread it over too many others.  Dr. Said for her to stay in 2-3 days.  She's really broken out today.  Stayed all night at our house & Aunt Mary came & got her this AM.  Got your card today.  See you Fri.

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