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1984 MV's letter -July 15

Mary provides me with a chance to once again discuss the art and challenges of transcription. To be a true transcription letters should be transcribed exactly as written – typos, misspellings, mark-overs, spacings, redactions, etc.  However, the primary purpose of this blog is to share moments in time when letters were written and the conveyance thereof. Therefore, I frequently take the liberty of correcting and/or editing with the occasional use of [sic] to indicate the exact spelling or wording used. In the following letter I will correct most of the spacing oddities, and will probably make some new mistakes in the process. The exact transcription of the original or my edited version can later be the subject of a true transcription by a future generation.  Also those of us old enough can appreciate the ease of corrections on a computer as opposed to using typewriter or a pen.

Edited transcription follows:

July 15, 1984
Dear Family,
Praise the Lord!  Things have gone well in the nearly past week that Mom and dad have been gone.  I have managed to stay as busy if not busier than usual with activities nearly every night.

My diet has been going well over the past 5 weeks, taking 15 pounds off so far.  Roberta's incentive helps alot . . . I only have 10 more to go before I can start counting the money!!!  It was so nice to walk into the store and be able to get a 34 in jeans instead of the 38-40 a year ago.

This past week was Vacation Bible School at Port William.  We had about 90-100 kids (ages 2-18) every day.  I helped teach the 5th and 6th grade, and we had an attendance of 13 everyday.

Whenever we don't have church, (on Sun. Eve.) I got to Villar's chapel, and have gotten to know Sybil (Gano) Tyo and her daughter fairly well. She invited me down for a cook out for dinner, so I am heading down to Blanchester when I get this letter done.  The house seems so quiet after having Roberta, Serena, and Wendy there.  But for now I am enjoying the solitude, as I know there will be lots of company when Roberta and Sid are here.  I am so looking forward to meeting Greg (future brother-in-law?).

Yesterday I worked on my roses, putting new peat moss down.  I got 3 4 cubic feet bales - 12 feet.  I made the mistake of carrying them (75-100 lbs.) and today I am so sore . . . even my ribs hurt.  I told Grandma and she said I had no business doing that kind of thing (I could tear my insides apart and get a hernia.).

Last Night I went to see Fiddler on the Roof at Wilmington College.  It was the last musical that Hugh Heiland was to direct.  It was very good.  In two weeks they will be dong the Wizard of Oz.  Eileen (Fisher) Cline was in Fiddler and my voice teacher will be in both productions.

Well, guess that's about all the news from here.  Don't forget to write.  Mom and Dad would really appreciate it.  Until next week; Closing with Love and prayers,


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Mary Crowson said...

Greg was someone whom Serena talked about extensively but I don't recall ever actually meeting him.

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