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1974 Letter to MV -July 8

Thought the message part of this letter was missing, but then realized it was written on the inside of the envelope! Jean provides MV with good motherly advice about making friends at Camp Miami in Germantown, Ohio. Was this the first camp experience? And where would John have been?  Camp also?  Boy Scout camp in New Mexico?  Transcription follows.

Monday –
July 8 1974
Dearest Mary Virginia;

Elizabeth and I got back home about 1:30 today after stopping in Wilmington on some errands and lunch.  We do hope that you are enjoying camp by now and are not afraid of introducing yourself to others as they feel just as strange as you and want to make friends too.  As I told Elizabeth, you are alot like Roberta and don't seem to find it too difficult in meeting new people.

The house sure seems quiet.  I went down in the basement to work on some books as it is cooler down there but felt called to come up and write a note.  Mr. Faris was just here with the lawnmower which he evidently got fixed as he took it off the truck and rode it up the driveway into the garage.  So it will be all ready when you get back to take off on it.

Grandma also heard from John today and he hopes that her grass doesn't grow too fast while he is gone.  I'm sure that you can do part of the mowing before he gets back but even I am a little afraid to do the rolling part near the sidewalk.  The painters were well at work when I went by on my way home.

I found the stamp in the car when we got to Wilmington but hope that it doesn't stop you from writing to us for we surely are looking forward to hearing from you and how everything is going.  It is a beautiful campus – looks like it might have been a college or something at one time.  You'll probably hear more about the history and can tell us when you see us if you hear what it used to be.  I thought later that you might want extra money for a picture or something if they take one of the group but hope that you can pay for it when we see you on Friday.  We hope to know more definitely about our plans to go to Lakeside then.  Til we see you, Remember that we love you much, much, muchly and hope you are keeping someone from getting homesick.  Love and xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx,

Mother & Daddy

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Mary Crowson said...

I will only post one comment on both posts, as they both have to do with camps within weeks of each other. The first, where Mother was giving advice, was Germantown UMC camp and I was absolutely miserable the entire week (40 years later I still remember in detail....). Camping was not my cup of tea and as I recall it was my first trip away from home where I knew no one.

The other letter from HH to Mother and I was indeed to Camp Mac-O-Chee for Girl Scouts. It was better but still not something I was thrilled with. Pretty much the whole troop went as I recall and Mildred Penn was the leader. I have never been an outdoors enthusiast nor many of the other things necessary to children's camp. I survived but never went to another "camp" to my recollection.

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