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1984 Roberta Letter - June or July

6 or 7/––/84
Dear Family,

Hi!  Wanted you all to 

Dear Family,
Hi!  Welcome to the Uible-King photo lab!  Got all the pictures back today that I had taken in OHIO – except for the roll in the camera. (Beaver bridge)  It seems I'm still missing 1 roll of film – might it be in New Vienna?

I've sent John/X, Hortons some pictures.  Tried to divide up for Wendy Jean – but I'll let you all do that.  These are your pictures to keep – so fell free to pass around or keep.

We are about to do our exercises – it's busy time of month here – pre news letter!  It will be another great issue!

Had my class at the hospital today – Medical Terminology.  Sure not what I thought it would be  – but good!

Found out today that Ann's position to be filled – by someone that Head of Dept. of Health  [Esscenestes?] hired – not Phil Hamilton (Long term Care Director).

Sounds like idea of expanding Sr. Village – other locations – might once more be a reality.

I'm sure you all are enjoying Miss Wendy Jean.  What have you all been up to?  Been to King's Island?

Love, Roberta & Sid

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