Thursday, July 10, 2014

1974 Catherine's postcard -July 10

Famous Bill's Restaurant on Routes 5 and 10, Greenfield Mass.  Mailed 1974.  Captioned:Out-of-town skiers, nearby residents, and vacationing families from throughout the country frequent Bill's Restaurant, widely known for its informal, comfortable atmosphere and first-rate food at modest prices.  A welcome oasis just off Route I-91, it's at 30 Federal Street in Greenfield, Mass.
1974 Catherine's postcard -July 10
Hi!  Thanks for the letter.  We are definitely interested in the stove and possibly the cabinets.  But we can't come get them immediately.  Our foundation is now done & we'll be starting on the stone walls.  today we're taking the day off and going to Boston with David and a Sanford friend, Paul Flaherty.  Thanks to MV for her latest letter, also got a postcard form John.

Love, Catherine & X

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