Friday, July 18, 2014

1984 Roberta's AZ Postcard -July 8

Roberta writes Wendy a postcard.  Gerry (and possibly Sid) knew the photographer of this card, Dick Dietrich, who had an RV.  Transcription follows.
Monument Valley (Arizona) postcard mailed 1984 by Roberta to Wendy.  Captioned: The wonders of Monument Valley.  Photographer - Dick Dietrich 
[7/08/84 postmarked]
Hi!  What's new with you & your parents in Colfax?  We are getting ready for our August trip – especially Sid who is doing alot of work on the truck.  We went to a movie – Ghost Busters – have you seen any movies lately?  Have you been swimming – are you getting a tan?
Love, Roberta & Sid

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