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1964 Kim letter -Jun28


Apt. 1 2560 Eden Ave.
Cincinnati, Ohio 45219
Dear Mr. & Mrs. Uible,

I am wondering how you are getting along?

I hope since our visit to New Vienna the month have found you and your family all well in good health.

Please forgive us our long silence but we've been thought [sic] about you and wanted to visit you again so much.  When we were [at] your home we really enjoyed every minute, and we shall always be very thankful for the generosity and hospitality which you have extended to us.

It was really too much for us, but after baby arrived we thought somehow needed a car.  It was very handy and convenience but we couldn't handle and getting worse, finally we sold our car a few weeks ago.

How is a little Queen Mary Virginia?  We rally hope she's getting along fine and how much she weigh now?

Our Mie Young also doing very fine.  She eats a lot of food . . . .  stays up practically all day long . . . . but she sleep all night long . . . . she still drink Mommy's milk a little but she drink regular milk & a different juice also . . . . I think she weight now 18 lbs . . . .getting big & heavy every day.  Well I must stop . . . . .

I am very sorry to inform you that we have had difficulty with our financial condition for the past few years.  Because of my financial difficulties, I was unable to return to school last semester.  (In the meantime I have completed almost half of my graduate work at Xavier University here).  Therefore, my student visa expires this summer.  (It's pretty hard to renew our visa again.)  Finally we decided to go back to Korea coming September.  I have been writing to an American-Korean Foundation in New York, and we have [been] granted a little funds from them for our transportation.  Current planning is Sept. 21 leave this country from San Francisco by ship.  The sailing time is approximately three weeks.  We've been packing our used clothes & some kitchen utensils, etc.

Our parents expect me to finish my graduate work and expect us to come back before long but we couldn't stay any longer since I couldn't go back to school, etc.  We really hate to leave this country but we must . . . . . of course we are planning to come back again [to] this country somehow . . . . governmental service or some import or export business.  Our friendship is forever . . . . we hope . . . .  Mie Young is still American Citizen  At least we like send her[to] college in this country.

We would like to visit you next month sometime but I don't know this is going to turn out.  But of course before we leave we will stop [in] New Vienna and spend a while and go . . . go . . . . . probably go by Greyhound bus to West Coast . . . .  We have to be [in]  San Francisco by Sept. 15 sometime!!

I really don't know what I told you about this letter . . . .  Well I will tell you more about when we see you again!  I am so busy for every thing now.

We are really looking forward to see you again before long.  If any chance come down to Cinti please stop our place and see us.

May God richly bless you, and I send you my best regards for the health and best wishes to all your family.

Very cordially yours,
Kyung Ho Kim

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Catherine Uible Morgan said...

From HH: Must confess of my failure to remember his letter and their economic problems of fifty years ago and such heart breaking decisions they faced. Getting married to one who was selected by the parents with the bride knowing no English and coming to the USA could easily make for a rough marriage start.

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