Sunday, July 13, 2014

1984 MV's letter -July 14

Dear Mom and Dad,

We got your postcard today written from N.Y.C. and Grandma got a postcard from Roberta.  The only other personal mail was a thank-you note from Lynn Sanker.

After dropping you off, Elaine and I went shopping – first to J.C. Penny outlet, then Eastland (on Refugee Road) We found Joann's Fabric's fine and got enough felt for two banners.

Wednesday night I went to Bible Study at Villars chapel after having Delinda Jackson for dinner.  She coaches the softball team at Port William.

Thursday was pretty much the same except I had Chad cove over and mow.  I couldn't figure out how he got done so fast.  I found today he only mowed and trimmed 1/2 the backyard.  From Thompson's on back is yet to be touched.

My hair looks about the same except it's wavy.  She only cut 1/2 inch off, but I got what I wanted, which is body.

We played a black ball-team this morning.  There are two, and they hold 1st & 2nd place.  We lost (12-8) but I'm sure we are third out of the 5 teams.

Tonight Diane Allen & I went to see Fiddler-on-the-Roof.  It was real good.  Afterwards we went back stage to see Eileen Cline and several others.

Grandma & I are eating here tomorrow noon.  I spent this afternoon fertilizing roses, etc.  Every thing's fine here.  Just enjoy England.  I stopped at Radio Shack.  they have to send it in.  They said it ought to be ready in 10 days.  Don't forget to write sometime.

Love and Miss you,

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