Monday, July 07, 2014

1964 Catherine's postcard from church camp -Jul 8

I go to Senior Youth Church Camp in Sabina with Marianne and Weegie among other people. The hypnotism part was memorable. I got the "cure" for nail biting but since I didn't bite my nails in the first place hard to tell about the effectiveness! Another hypnosis option was for eating too much candy/chocolate.  Washington C.H. was where the corrective shoes were purchased.
 1964 Catherine's penny (4¢) postcard from church camp - Jul 8

[July 8 1964 postmark]
Hi!  Last night we saw St. Joan [a play?].  It was really great!  You should have come. You can come when they are here for the second week of Sr. Camp.

I went swimming yesterday afternoon.  The weather wasn't very promising but I went anyhow.  It has rained all day today so my raincoat is coming in handy.

They have 5 ministers here who are hypnotists.  Yesterday they hypnotized some people to demonstrate how they did it.  They can help people break bad habits like chewing fingernails and help with complex's too.

Weegie said it is okay with her if we go to Washington C.H. but Marianne says her mother was planning to pick us up.  It doesn't matter to me.  I guess there isn't any urgent need for my shoes.  Love, Catherine

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