Monday, July 14, 2014

1984 Catherine's Letter -July 14

Saturday, July 14, 1984

1984 Catherine's Letter -July 14
Written on stationary from
Universal Motor Hotel in Toronto, Ontario
mailed to Glasgow, Scotland
Dear Mother and Dad,
Hi!  I hope you got the letter I sent to London.  If not it will catch up with you eventually.  We got your letter from N.V. on Thursday.  Thanks.

Wendy's luggage was delivered about 5:00 p.m. on Monday.  Everything arrived in fine shape.  We have been enjoying the cheese, cookies and candy.  I really like the collapsible tote bag.  Gerry & Wendy like it too so we have been sharing it.  It fits well on the back of my bike.  Next time you go back to Totes, Gerry would like a red one and Wendy want a blue one like mine.

I heard from the library in Pullman that I am one of 3 finalists for the Children's Librarian position.  Now they are checking on references and then will schedule interviews for the end of next week.  They will announce the selection on July 26th.

Wendy is enjoying her swimming lessons.  She swims a few strokes underwater but has difficulty with the raising her head to breathe aspect.

Colfax is celebrating "Krazee Daze" this week with a Wild West theme.  All the stores are decorated, employees in costume, sidewalk sales, organizations have booths, etc.  Today is the culmination with a parade at noon.  Wendy gets to ride on a combine from Jones Truck & Imp.  Gerry and I are playing in a Krazee Daze golf tournament this p.m.

I checked a book out of the library here called A lifetime's reading: the world's 500 greatest books by Phil Ward (Stein & Day 1982).  It suggests reading ten per year and then in only 50 years you'd have them all read!  I've read maybe 10-20 of them (quite a few I never even heard of) mostly in high school and college.  The only one I read recently was Complete Sherlock Holmes which I read last year.

I just got a call from the library in Pullman and my interview is scheduled for 5:00 p.m. on Tuesday.  By the time you get this it will be over.  Hope I do well!

Interesting article in Spokane paper about Elderhostels in this area.  I'll send it to New Vienna!

Love, Catherine, Gerry & Wendy

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