Wednesday, July 09, 2014

1973 MV's letter -July 8

Mary would have been nine-years-old at the time this letter was written, Rob would have been seventeen.  Perhaps Mary intended to write a paragraph to Dad to complete the trio of adressees, possibly to discuss legal options concerning behavior of relatives.

Sunday, July 8, 1973

Dear Mom, Dad and John,

"Hi!  Robbie John – Hi I would rather have you to beat up on me than Robbie everytime everytime I get up he pushes me back down.  And now he is beating up on Aunt Mary.  I am glad to get him off my back.

Mom – Bert and I went shopping friday.  We looked at some sandels.  1 was 2.97 and the other with thongs I liked better were brown and cost $9.00.


[note in Roberta's handwriting]
found this in ax notebook –– thought you all might enjoy reading it!  [enclosed with letter dated 5/15/74]

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Mary Crowson said...

I do wasn't so much bullying as aggravating. When you would go to stand up, Rob would stand in front of you and just as you were getting your balance, he would push you back down to the sitting position and you'd have to start over.

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