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1984 MV Letter -July 20

Around the Nation – Around the World
World Communications Year 1983
Evidently this aerogramme was commemorating the World Communications Year which was proclaimed by the United Nations to "stimulate accelerated worldwide development of communications infrastructures" and the international postage had remained unchanged in 1984. MV sends a letter to her parents while they are on an ElderHostel program in the United Kingdom, in Wales at the time of the receipt of this letter.  Transcription follows.

Dearest Mom & Dad –
 Thanks for the postcard this week.  Grandma got one today, which makes a total of 4, I think.  Also got an aerogram from MYK saying that she was stay 2 weeks longer and Greg (from Middletown) will pick her up.

I discovered last Sunday that the dodge has been leaking oil, so I called Barthy & asked them to pick it up & fix it.  Yesterday they still hadn't come, so I called again.  If they do not pick it up on Monday, I will call elsewhere.  Driving the van eats holes in my pockets.

I have been gone every night since you left, and it looks like only 1 nite at home next week.  I have been going to VBS at Villars Chapel plus my regular activities at Port William.  This afternoon I am going to clean the house & then go to a carry-in dinner at Villars Chapel.

I can't remember if I told you that the microwave was broken – anyway, he came (from Bellows Appliance Service - Wilm) on Monday.  The high voltage transformer has burned out.  It will take 2-3 weeks to get on in.  So hopefully it will be fixed by your return.

Several people have gotten apples.  I have gotten for Grandma twice.  She is doing fairly well.  Some days are better than others.  They are just about done painting her house,  Tomorrow we are going to Leesburg for lunch.

I have been fine staying alone, so don't worry.  I stayed with a girl I worked with from Clarksville this past week (1 night).  She's real nice, plays softball all the time and is Mormon.  But I think I'm a good witness & influence.

You got an invitation to a cookout (steaks, etc.) at cooper's (Snyder).  G.G. sent your regrets (it's to be 8/4).  No family mail.  Will pick up at 5:00 in 3 weeks – Everything's fine, so enjoy yourselves.

Love & miss you –

Mary Virginia

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