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1984 London Postcard to MV & Morgans -July 15

This is London postcards written July 15, 1984
Identical cards were sent to Morgans and Mary
Postcard sent to Morgans
7-15-84 Sunday am
[written by HH] Hi!  Thanks for your letter which came yesterday – real service.  We are putting our 7-day bus pass to good use & like the ride on top of double decker buses.  Been studying about Roman London - 55AD:200AD & some of the walls are still up.

[written by Jean] Glad to hear Wendy is enjoying the swimming lessons.  We'll definitely have to go sailing w/her next time.  We're on our way to meet Cynthia King Park & her husband in Felixstowe going by train from Liverpool station getting glimpses of Petticoat Lane Market which is open on Sunday mornings.  Would have had time to spend there but didn't know that train would be 15 minutes late in leaving but really saw enough.  

With much love to each of you, Dad & Mother

Postcard sent to Mary
7-15-85 [84, written by Jean] 
Dearest MV,
On our way to see Cynthia & her husband in Felixstowe – taking the grain to Ipswich where he is to meet us – plan on going to a church service on the beach where Cynthia is to take part.

Have had rain but none in sight for today for which we are thankful.  Hope you & G'ma get along fine – we are thinking of you often especially when we see the beautiful flowers – roses are gorgeous.

Our flight is getting into Columbus earlier than we said as schedule has changed.  Just meet us at the baggage area about 5PM 8/10/84 (Friday).  Love from both of us, Dad & Mother

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