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1984 Scotland Postcards -July 21,23

1984 Glasgow Cathedral The Chancel postcard -July 23
 [July 1984 though undated]
Hi – we came the 425 miles from London on the train in just 5 hours.  Great scenery.  Saw Sids daughter & her husband on Sun. at Felixstowe, then on Monday we ate out w/ them & went to the theater.

We are in a new dorm here in Glasgow & have walked downtown. It is light here past 10 P.M. & HOT during the day.  Got Mothers letter here today & hope you have apples & tomatoes to eat soon.  Had porridge & fish for bkfst this morning.  Had beans available.  – Jean & Harold
Scotland postcard -Mailed 1984
Postcard to MV
[postmarked 7/21/84]

Hi – You would enjoy the beautiful roses, etc. here – the LONG days here have a positive influence.  We have been all around Glasgow (& 1 library too) & go to Edinburgh tomorrow.

Had such a nice visit with Cynthia & Murray Park last Sunday & Monday – visited them in Felixstowe & met them in London Monday afternoon, had dinner & went to play at the National Theater.

The lectures are real interesting – hope to remember much – people are enjoyable too – mostly from east or west coast.  Much love, Dad & Mother
Glasgow Cathedral The Chancel postcard -mailed 1984
Hi – We got MV's letter today.  Went to 2 services here yesterday – dates back to the 14th century.

The group went up to the Trossacks this afternoon, which is the gateway to the Highlands – really narrow roads – feel better when I look out the side window rather than the front window.

Sun. afternoon we saw Loch Lomond – maybe MV knows the song about the Lake.

Did you notice the reference to "Lifeline" in the Upper Room today?  God Thought.

There are 1½ pages of Ballantynes in the local phone book – the area that Jean's family came from.  She has another connection to the Scots thru the Wallace clan.  Haven't seen any W.S.J. here but plenty of news.  Love, J & H

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Catherine Uible Morgan said...

From HH: Reading the blog makes me think that 1984 trip to England was our first Elderhostel, a three week trip with the third week in Ireland. In three weeks you got to know the fellow travelers pretty well.

In those days the lodging was in college type dorms with the bathroom down the hall. Folks took turns setting and clearing the table.

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