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1974 Fawley's Home Center invoice -July

Fawley's Home Center located in Blanchester provided supplies and labor for a kitchen upgrade in 1974.  Earlier in the year, Roberta had talked up the wonders of the microwave oven which she had seen in action in Florida.  The charges are broken down on four separate sales slips after a deposit was paid on July 2, 1974.  Summary follows.
1974 Fawley's Home Center invoice for home improvement - July

1974 Micromatic Range Ad
$935.95  - $899.95 for a Micromatic Range + $36 tax (4%) – microwave oven on top of conventional oven

$668.66 - flooring 44 sq yards @ $12.70 + 3 gallons adhesive ($10.70) and $77 installation

$1472.92 - included $1248 for cabinets, top & sink + tax, $175 labor

$56.64 - misc. plumbing supplies, cords & switches.

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Mary Crowson said...

I remember going with them while they were picking this stuff out and looked several places. Fawley's in Blanchester was run by Bill Fawley, brother to Stan. From Dad's opinion, I think the similarities in the two were limited to the name they shared and little else.

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