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1984 Family Letter -July 8

Sunday, July 8, 1984

Dear Family:

The last three weeks have been "super" busy with Roberta, Serena and Wendy coming and going.  We talked with the Morgans today . . . Wendy got along fine on her big trip to Spokane yesterday.  She seems quite mature for a 7 year old [two months shy of seven actually] and adjusted to life in NV very well.  It is now hard to believe that our own children were once that age and younger . . it all flashes back when we retrieved the books that you all had at that tender age.

Roberta is quite a camera bug and we did enjoy seeing the pictures that were taken in Columbus on June 23rd, when we also met X and John for supper.  Hopefully, the Newark Uibles can come to NV for the afternoon of August 19th, when we plan to have open house for Sid and Roberta.  We'd like them to come day before & stay over but at least Sunday if not Saturday too.

Serena told us this afternoon that she has applied for admission to the Rosary Library School in Chicago.  We are glad.  With Serena's love for books she will be a natural.  It was nice that Serena and Greg took time yesterday to meet Wendy at the Chicago airport between plane changes.

Wells has been closed this past week and will be closed this next week for vacation.  However, there is plenty to be done in the office as it is the end of the fiscal year and getting the new 1985 catalogue ready.  We expect to get our new computer by the end of August which we think will be an improvement.

We leave Tuesday for England . . . . schedule enclosed . . . . yes, we would be glad to hear from all of you.  It has been thirty years since we first visited London . . . . another 30 years will put us up with Grandma.  Grandma and M.V. eave on their trip on August 25th.

Wendy kept us on the go to get the many things done which we had planned for her.  The day we took Roberta to the airport we also went to the zoo, Polly Flinders, and the Totes outlet.  Serena, Tom and Ella Guard also went with us so that was super full.  We went out to the Henry Fishers one afternoon and watched them milk cows and saw the baby calves.  One day we had Patty Walker Ryan's two daughters to play and another time Nancy Henderson's great niece.  The New Vienna Fourth of July Celebration took place last weekend so we took in the pet show, penny scramble, squaredancing, fireworks, and dinner served by the Senior Citizens at their center.  I almost forgot to include the big new attraction in our area: the beaver pond built last January or thereabouts behind the Auburn church.  It has been on the TV as well as in the newspapers - people take their lawn chairs, cameras, in order to see the beavers in action – very interesting.  Vanessa joined us with her nephew, Dion who lives with her.  (He is 16 and quite a track star and very good looking.)  Vanessa has become quite a camera bug and she and Roberta compared notes on their hobby.

MV is taking us to the airport after putting in 3 hours of work at Wilmington College and 2.5 hours at the Port William UMC Bible School.  She plans to combine the first two all week.

One of the pieces of Wendy's luggage didn't make it to Spokane but hope that it turns up before long.  We'll be interested in hearing.  She was such a good girl and so mature so we look forward to having her another time – if not next summer, certainly the following.  It really helped to have her aunts here to entertain her but we made up for their company by reading all the children's books here and many from the school library.  Hopefully Wilmington Library will reopen soon for HH has really missed it.

Love to all . . . . .

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Mary Crowson said...

Just an observation: It would appear by writing style that Mom wrote the first, second and last paragraphs. Dad sticks more to facts!

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