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1974 Family Letter -July 22

Lots of clues but not too many facts – speculation and memories could perhaps fill in more details of this letter which appears to have been entirely typed and handwritten by HH; except for the date, probably added later, written by Jean.  Reference to C.W. indicate that Cris was visiting.   Did find an online document titled "History of Girl Scouts of Western Ohio" in a section about the Buckeye Trails History (Dayton Area), that Camp Mac-O-Chee started with a donation of land near Bellefontaine in 1949; in 1983 the camp was modified for accessibility to campers with disabilities; property was sold in 1996.

My guess is that Jean and MV attended the Girl Scout Camp along with other Girl Scouts from New Vienna, while Dad, Roberta (working at Wells), and John stayed at home.  Transcription with some corrections follows.

[July 22, 1974]
Sunday Afternoon:

Dear Family:

We saw your cars at Burger Shef and you folks should be getting well acquainted there.  Hope that they have refilled the salad bowl.  C.W. had to stop for gas en route to L&K as the car gets 9 miles to the gallon and we had a good lunch there with Mother getting enough fish to give each of the rest of us one piece . . . even John ate a piece of fish.

The Don Sanders were eating there and wanted to know where the missing members of our family were.  Think you mentioned, but they told us anyway that they now live on Timberlane and to stop in and see them.  Said she wanted to have us for supper but you know how that goes.  The former camer[a] shop man and his [wife?], oh yes their name is Haines were also there.  Back to the meal, where the vegetable of the day is green beans.  Guess, who ended their meal with blueberry pie?  Do you know who that is M.V.????

The lady told us that the motel would be open sometime in August.  the pool is pint size - smaller than our kitchen.  C.W. got away (in no particular hurry) about 1:30 and we stopped at Americare - talked with Mrs. Cline briefly and Mrs. Matthews.  The Columbus Matthews are back from Arizona.

How is Camp Mac-O-Chee?  Hope you will drop us lonesome people a line on how things are going up there?  Okay?  Reading the Church Bulletin today it sounded like someone had been doing a big selling job on the 7 and 8th grade camps.  Oh yes, did you see the Bill Marine branch office in Urbana?  Hope M.V. has time to do some swimming and keep up her conoeing technique.  C.W. thinks his parents would really go for that overnight canoe trip, buy my enthusiasm does not go that far.  Tho Joe might enjoy an overnight camping trip to one of the state parks.

Can you tell us in what drawer in the kitchen are the scissors kept?  No big problem, but could have made the enclosed clipping a little more compact . . . . but hopefully still interesting for you Campers.

Supper is now over & all of us are still on speaking terms and all the dirty dishes are in the dishwasher.

Take care, with love from the home folks

Yes, Beth has been over to see you M.V. and twice to return things.

Practiced my typing on Serena & the Halls.

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