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1994 Roberta's letter -July 24

A two page letter from Roberta following a family reunion to Estes Park, Colorado.  Roberta writes movingly about families and our good fortune in being part of the family we have.  The first page is written on the back of a budget spreadsheet from Senior Village and the second page on the back of what appears to be a quarterly report from Senior Village about the residents, staff and facilities.  The paragraph Roberta mentions about Grandma and Heartland is transcribed after the rest of the letter.  Transcription follows.


Dear Dad & Mom,

First of all I want to put it down on paper how much we (Sid & I) – as a part of the bigger We (Uibles/Hortons) & the "fringe" [?] enjoyed greatly the E.P. Experience!  Your generosity in making it possible – the Uible et al family reunions – is appreciated beyond words!  As I grow older I appreciate all the more connecting w/ the family more & more.  You both put Focus on the family on a very real/personal level.  We will always treasure the memories – (& pictures!) of our 1994 Colorado [indecipherable].

Thanks for the corporate sponsorship of all of us Uibles & for the generous transportation check too.  I'm saving my $ now for China – would like to do it in 1995!

Thanks again – I see such tragic family situations here at SV – people who don't know where their own children are / if their brothers /sisters are still alive.  Also brothers & sisters who do not get along & want different course of action for their parent – etc.  Makes me realize how very important family unity within family is!

I'm using up scrap paper – we have enough to last us the rest of our lives.  Speaking of family this paper must be from 2 or 3 summers ago when Grandma was at Heartland (see 3rd paragraph other side).

I'll enclose some postals I got at or local Walmart – the new touted bookmark/postal – perhaps you have someone you would like to mail 1 to – or keep for yourself.  I'll enclose 2 – 18¢ – cheaper than in Colorado!

Thanks again for your making the trip possible for all of us – it was a great present that we will never lose!  We enjoyed it & will enjoy talking about it for a long, long time!

Will close soon to find out about Uncle Bill. [Uncle Bill died about two weeks later, on August 6, 1994.]  Wish we could stop in just to visit!

Love, Roberta & Sid

* * * * *
Paragraph from Senior Village report mentioning Grandma in this letter:

I am enclosing a letter that was written by Audrey, daughter of one of our newer residents, who had visited her mother at the Village in June from out-of-state.  I can personally identify with her feelings of appreciation of where her Mom is since it has become necessary for my Grandma to live in a "care" facility.  I know the pain of having a family member out-of-state, and yet the peace of mind knowing that the member is content and receiving the best of care.

Love, Roberta & Sid

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