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1973 Roberta's letters -Oct.31

Roberta sends two letters for the price of one. Transcription of both follow.

October 31, 1973 
Dear Family,
Hi – I just got done taking my 2nd psychology exam.  I had hoped to do much better on this – to pull up my grade from the 1st one – but now I just hope that I did as well on it as the 1st one.  Time will tell . . . . .

Monday we got our mid terms back in Deviance class.  Before I tell you mine – I'll give you some facts – out of 60 people 28 people flunked.  I got a 'C' – nothing to brag about but I'm thankful I didn't flunk!  We won't be having any more tests in it till the final.  A lot of people are dropping the course.  I'm going to stick it out and hope for a miracle!  (ho, hum!!)

I hope you all had a good trip back to N.V. – riding in comfort in that new car! – Listening to tapes & using those electric windows!

Did you eat lunch at Miss Maratha's? (sp?)  After a few more trips we'll be able to write our own guide to restaurants.  I think I'll write one on where to eat when on a diet.

After how much I ate over the week-end I was almost scared to go to weight watchers yesterday.  But – I had another one of my dynamic weight losses – ½ of a pound!!

I also was given my permanent placing as to where I'll be working.  Starting next week - Tuesday evenings at the main office - which is on Military Trail.  I was given lots of info and material to read.

My flight home was fine.  Instead of the regular corned beef & swiss cheese sandwiches I was served my special snack - fresh fruit; rye krisps (sp?) (which I couldn't eat - not allowed) and diet pop.

I got a letter from Cheryl Rogers yesterday - she has been really sick - something about white & red blood cells!

I go back to work tomorrow - it will feel good getting back.  It's been 2 weeks Sunday since I worked.

Well - it's almost time to get to deviance class.  I'll write more later.

Please give Grandma the enclosed letter – Love, Berta

Mary V––  I have your grey coat - it was in the closet at the hotel room.  Do you want me to send it?

* * * * * * * * * *
[Oct. 31, 1973]
Dear Grandma –

Thought I would enclose this w/ the families letter - my effort to save a few cents!

We got your letter yesterday – no - day before I guess it was.  Thanks - it's still nice to get mail down here!

Everyone at Church is beginning to ask when you will be coming down to Florida.  There was really a good service this last Sunday Evening - a group of high school and/or college kids from another Methodist Church came and sang.  The Church was rally filled up but alot of the people came w/ the group.  Mrs. McGrew went with us and I think she enjoyed it.

Mrs. McGrew and I are hoping to go bike riding - out to eat - next Tuesday.  Same place down in Lantana - I'm not sure of the name of the place.

I imagine you've heard from the family all the details of the Atlanta trip.  We really had alot of fun – eating – and everything else.  Cris sent me back w/some tulip bulbs for you - from Holland.  But - in the meantime – until you come down - we're not exactly sure what to do w/them – whether to put them in the refrigerator, freezer - or what!!

I'm glad you renewed (spelling) the Wilmington News Journal.  It just ran out a couple of weeks ago.

It's almost supper time – I have broiled liver w/me – that way I just go to the cafeteria and buy a salad and vegetable - and I have a good supper.  The school cafeteria is really very good - always a choice of 4 vegetables.  Also lots of different types of salads and fruits.  The only thing that's bad is that the desserts are one shelf above the salads.  I don't know shy they have to be so close to each other.  But –– I'll brag – I didn't weaken!!

Well - better go ––

Love, Roberta
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