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1983 Roberta's letter - Oct.25

Roberta writes a letter to Grandma shortly after announcing her upcoming marriage to Sid. Transcription follows.

Tuesday Evening


Dear Grandma,

Hi!  Thanks for your letter!  Sure looks like you are functioning better than I am after hearing the BIG NEWS!  It's all I can do to keep from biting my finger-nails!

I have changed your Airline ticket – so now it is identical to the flights that the Hortons will be coming & going on.  The flight from West Palm Beach to Phoenix is on December 28th – then returning to Florida on the 10th of January.

I'm sorry you won't be here before Christmas – as originally planned.  BUT – Marian is being a real pain - at this time - tho it doesn't look like she will be moving out until before Christmas.  That would be the best time for her – to make a move.  SO – I might be a few days without much furniture!

I assure you by the 28th - we will have this house full of furniture again!  Sid's furniture is really going to go great in this house.  We might have to buy a few pieces of furniture.

Thank you again for sending your Christmas check – your generous Christmas gift – early.  Since it won't be used as originally planned for the cruise – It will be used toward wedding expense.  There seems to be so many details now to take care of.

I can understand why some people want to take the easy way out and run off & get married by a Justice of the Peace!  Tho we aren't tempted to do that – especially with our families making the effort to be here!

Today we took a group of Senior Village residents to a park about 30 miles form here.  They really enjoyed it - we had a picnic lunch – drove all around a lake with lots of boats in the water.  WE left here at 10:00 AM – back about 3:00 PM – and they were really TIRED!!

It's almost 11:00 PM – so I'm tired too!

Much love, Roberta
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