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1973 Roberta's letter Oct.12

Roberta is back to her typewriter. Transcription follows.

October12, 1973
Dear Family,

Hi! Thanks for your letter yesterday . . . . I knew I would hear from you as soon as I wrote you all a letter.

It's now ten thirty p.m., and would believe that I just got done [sic] with my supper???  I seem to be running late today . . . . . ha, ha.  I didn't have to start work till 11:40 so didn't eat my breakfast till almost ten oclock, then had my lunch about three, and then my supper when I got home from work.  I just had liver (already had it cooked), and a toss salad, some tea. Nothing much.  I've still got my big container of "pudding" to eat yet, it should be good.  I bought a bunch of new extracts, and this one is Chocolate and Pecan Nut mixed.

Thanks for Serena's address, she had sent me two letters, but never her address.  Now you all won't have to forward my letters to her.

I did write my letter to the people at the Community Treatment Center in Atlanta.  I'll let you know what I hear from them.  It would really be nice if I can go out there and visit.  It says in my information about the place that it is only a twenty minute (fourty cents) bus ride from downtown Atlanta.

Grandma, we got your letter this morning.  Thanks . . . . . I hope you are still planning on going down to Disney World sometime this winter.

My department at work won the prize of all the other departments of doing better than the figures for last year during the sale on Tuesday.  I think I wrote you about how busy we were!!!  We each won three dollars!!!!  And now we are running very close to first place for the grand prize.  We are doing about 190 trend over last year.  Oh, the grand prize is 100 dollars . . . to be divided by the tree of us . . . . . so we are really hoping our good luck stays with us.  The contest isn't over till this coming Monday.  Maybe tomorrow I'll buy my supply of birthday cards, etc for the year. (ha)

Love, Berta
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