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1973 Catherine to MV letter -Oct.14

Some bright stationary here in this letter to MV which is transcribed below.  Wonder if all those questions were answered in MV's next letter or if they were a deterrent to writing back??

Oct. 14, 1973
Dear Mary,

Hi! Your letter of Oct. 11 was here waiting when we got home yesterday. That was a quick reply. I wish everybody I write to would answer that quick. 

We had a good time camping.  We camped on the shore of Flagstaff Lake near the town of Stratton.  It is about 130 miles from Sanford.  It got very cool, especially at night, but it didn't rain.  Kuman bit a porcupine and got her mouth and tongue full of hundreds of quills.  We had to take her to the bet.  He gave her a shot to put her to sleep and then pulled them out.  She was like a wild dog before we got to the vets.  It took 3 of us just to hold on to her.

X went hunting and got quite a few grouse.  They taste alot like chicken.  I went swimming one day in order to take a bath and wash my hair.  The water was ice cold.

I hope your report card is good.  What subjects do you get grades in?  Do you study any current events?  Like the Israeli War or the new vice-president?  What books do you read?  Do have to read certain books or do you have a choice?  What is your favorite book so far?

The package with the dress hasn't come yet.  Maybe it will come tomorrow.

I have to write some other letters now so I'll sign off.  Write again soon.

Love, Cathy

P.S.  You & John should have been here for breakfast.  We had several extra donuts.
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