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1943 HH goes to college

A clipping from the October 1, 1943 Hillsboro Press-Gazette, shows Aunt Vertie  accompanied HH and his parents to Cleveland in the fall of 1943 though no purpose of the trip is disclosed.  Probably because it was on a need to know basis.  Transcription of Uible paragraph follows.

Aunt Vertie, as you may remember, was the (third) wife of Cecil's brother, Will Uible (1869-1942).  Verda May Burton's (1879-1966) first marriage was to Harry Quincy Barger (1871-1916) in 1899.  She married Uncle Will in 1920.  She was stepmother to F.R. (Frank Rutledge) Uible (1895-1974), the initials are incorrect in this article.  Frank holds the distinction of being the first of three Uibles to graduate from New Vienna High School.  Frank graduated 1913, Mary Uible Horton 1931 and HH in 1943.
1943 HH goes to college - Hillsboro Press-Gazette Oct 1, 1943
Mrs. Vertie Uible accompanied Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Uible and son Harold of New Vienna, to Cleveland Thursday, where they spent the remainder of the week with Mr. and Mrs. T.R. Uible and family.   

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