Monday, October 21, 2013

1973 Mercury Braugham -Oct.22

NOT the car purchased but this 1978 Mercury Brougham looks like a color Roberta might have chosen.
Bill Marine Ford - Invoice for 1973 Mercury Brougham - purchased Oct.22
Total price = $5399.71
Car purchased may have looked more like this 1973 Mercury, except it had four doors.

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Mary Crowson said...

I remember that car well---first one I really drove much! It was white with black top, black fabric seats and---TA-DA, an 8track player, which was the very latest rage at that time. Seems like we drove it to see Cris Horton to Atlanta or North Carolina? Once I got my license in 1980, I either drove this car or the blue impala that I think got passed on to JB at some point.

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