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1973 Roberta's letter -Oct.18

October 18, 1973

Dear Family,

Hi!  Got your long and newsy letter today . . . . thanks.  I really should have the carbon copy system like Aunt Mary to write everyone.  Today I also heard from Catherine and X, and Serena.  So I really feel like I'm up on all the family!!!

I helped tonight at the Weight Watchers meeting at Richard's.  (store out of the mall)  They are just getting classes going out there.  There were three of us us who had to give a little talk.  I had lost more weight than the other two who talked.  It was all quite exciting.

Oh, first off . . . . . . . . . . do bring the Aralon tablets with yo to Atlanta.  The Hortons would really appreciate them.

We got our psychology tests back Wednesday . . . was it just yesterday!!!!  Anyway, I got a "C", but was only one point away from a "B", so didn't do so bad after all.  I felt much better after I got the test grade back.  I would hate to flunk out of F.A.U. my first quarter. (ha)

Before too long we have to be registering for Winter quarter.  You always have to be thinking way ahead of time it seems.  I'm hoping that it will work out for me to take the same classes or at least at the same time, as some of the girls I've met from West Palm Beach that also go down there.  It would be nice as far as driving back and fourth.

Cris called the other night and I spoke to him about where I should stay in Atlanta.  Then he told me that he will get things worked out so that I could stay in the dorm (girls) on campus, that Thursday night.  I haven't yet hear from Comm. Treatment Center, but I am still planning on going to Atlanta Thursday morning.

Yes, I got the checks . / . . . . . . now, did you get them back again?????

Did you all send the newspaper article about John to us???  Somehow we never saw it.  If you have any extras hanging around bring one down to Atlanta with you, ok???  I'm anxious to hear all the details about it..  Well, I'll see you all sometime Friday morning at the Biltimore (sp??) hotel.  I looked it up in the Mobile tour guide and it sounds like an all right place to me.  Noticed it's a 3 star outfit!!

See you –––

Love, Berta

John – are you going to bring your new suit to Atlanta??
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