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1973 Roberta's letter -Oct.10

Roberta finds time to write between classes – unfortunately she didn't carry her typewriter in her school bag.  Transcription follows.

October 10, 1973
Dear Family,

Hi!  I'm sitting here waiting for my sociology class to start so thought I would at least get a letter started.

Had my 1st psychology test this morning.  A girl from Hollywood – (FLA - not California!) who is in the class, and I met this morning at 8:00 in the library to review.  He had said in class – "NO DETAILS - just GENERAL ideals, etc."  Well – after the test we decided that his definitions of details & general ideas are sure different than ours!  That test was really hard – I'm going to have to sure do better on the next three if I expect to get a decent grade!!

I've been thinking about going to Atlanta on Thursday morning of the week-end of Oct. 26th.  There is a Gov't Community Treatment Center in Atlanta I would like to visit.  I'm going to write them a letter tonight about going on the 25th & visiting it & talk to them.  For my paper over the summer I wrote them and they sent me back a nice letter & lots of info.

This quarter for my criminal justice course I'm doing a paper on the employment problems of those released from prison.   know - or least think - that I would be able to get lots of good info from them. (again)

Also – I figure I might as well get my money's worth out of the trip to Atlanta.

I had good news at W.W. yesterday – I had lost 3½ pounds!!  That means I only have 3 more pounds to reach the goal that they have set for me.  I'd like to go under that – but time will tell!  I might be 3 months losing the 3 pounds!!

I only have 1 more training session for my job as clerk at W.W.  It makes me happy to think that I'm going to start getting some money back from them – after all that I've paid to them!!

I worked last night at Burdines – just 5:40 to 9:40, and WOW we were sure busy!  I've never seen the store so full of people.  We did 1800 dollars worth in my Dept. which is really good for our little ole' dept!  And would you believe only 280 some dollars in the cash register – everything else was charged!!

We had boxed Christmas Cards half price – also picture frames, some stationary, alot of puzzles & games marked down.  It was funny though the amount of 'regular' merch. we sold!

John – how is the driver?  It's too bad the V-dub isn't there for you to learn on!  Or maybe the old Chrysler – remember the 2 tone blue?

Cris called up the other day and I guess he won't be in Atlanta the week-end of the 26th – or at least he will be gone for part of the week-end.  I think he's going on some sort of Church Retreat that week-end.  It's too bad he'll be gone . . . .

It's now after supper – I have about fifteen minutes before my next – (and last class – thank goodness!)  It's a long day when you get down here at 8:00 in the morning!!  Usually I don't have to be here though till 10:00 or 10:30.

Wow - just heard the news about Agnew!  John - you should have mailed your letter – you might just have a job now.  [See Draft letter to Pres. Nixon written the previous month.]

Better close - hope to hear from you all soon.  – Dad – did I send you all the material you needed?

Love, Berta
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