Thursday, October 03, 2013

1993 Nova Scotia postcard - Oct. 1

HH and Jean continue their 1993 New England trip who are looking forward to Roberta's upcoming arrival in Ohio.  Transcription follows.
Peggy's Cove Light, Nova Scotia postcard - mailed 1993
1993 Nova Scotia postcard - Oct. 1
[postmarked 1 Oct 1993]
Had dinner right near here and found Wells Bubble Joy in the gift shop – no bargain but 8 oz. for 3.95.

Whole trip has been fantastic – scenery, food, B&B's, weather, & group that we're with.

Has been sunny every day but one – and sleet & hail but didn't last long.

Look forward to seeing you on Thursday.

Much love, Dad & Mother

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