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1953 Jean's letter -Nov.1

Lots of comments could be made about this letter from Jean to her Mother, written the first of November, 1953. Transcription follows.

Nov. 1, 1953
Dearest Mother,

Received your letter last week and hope Bob is feeling better by now and that the plant will soon be in production again.

Harold called last night and he's getting along fine -- getting old customers back on the orders again. He was in Dallas, Texas and will be there tomorrow & then start back -- & plans to reach home Saturday.

Mother & Daddy Uible were here for dinner today. She wasn't at church today -- has cold that settled in her chest. After they left, it was such a pretty afternoon that we 3 went for a walk & came home tired out. So now they're both in bed fast asleep.

We had a big week. Wednesday was Woman's Club & that night we (Margaret Pemberton & I) got 15# of potatoes ready to serve as scalloped potatoes for the district WSCS the next day -- Thursday. There were way over 200 at the church from all over the district. They served chicken sandwiches, scalloped potatoes, buttered Lima beans, cabbage, carrot-pineapple in jello salad, pumpkin pie & whipped cream, relish, coffee.

That afternoon was busy enough but the school was holding a Halloween Carnival so I took the girls up there & we never got home til after 10:00 from it. Needless to say we all slept til after 8:30 the next morning.

Betty McElwee called yesterday & asked me to go to Hillsboro with her & Alice Rudisill. Judy is home now but not allowed on her feet for seven more weeks. She has been home a week & not in a cast but it's hard to keep her from standing. Betty looks so tired & no wonder.

I got a new black skirt while in Hillsboro -- and I like it real well -- it's so soft & I've already gotten use out of it -- worn it all day.

Everybody likes the two dresses I got in Steubenville -- black trimmed with red & gray pleated Orlon -- they're all the rage.

Tomorrow night I'm going to Washington Court House to hear Bishop Werner with Donna & Waldo Cornelius. There's a dinner preceding it & Mrs. Werner is going to show movies there taken on their recent tripe to Korea. He (the Bishop) is a wonderful speaker. There's a crowd going from here.

Maxine is so wrapped up in her baby she's really hurting Paul's good works. He has done so much for the church & she uses the baby for every excuse to get out of any work, or going anyplace. She doesn't believe in waking Wes or arrange her schedule so she could get to church. I just hope it isn't too late by the time she wakes up to the fact that her husband's work should come before her baby's schedule.

Roberta still doesn't try to talk much -- Babeee -- tick-a tick (tickle) -- bye -- she does pretty well about going to the toilet. She's going to be a live wire. Her teeth are bothering her again so she chews on everything & slobbers over everything she wears.

They knocked over the outside toilets in our backyard last night & tore them pretty badly. I don't know whether they can be righted very well or not. Two more little girls have moved behind us so Catherine & Roberta enjoy playing with them -- & the other two already there -- 3,5,6,7.

They weren't a bit afraid of the Halloweeners & we had plenty of them Friday nite.

When are you thinking of going to Florida? We may go the last part of the month. But then maybe in December. If so you're welcome to a ride. Let's hear from you.

All our very best love, Harold, Jean, Catherine & Roberta 
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