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1973 Sarah Hinerman letter - Oct.23

[postmarked 23 Oct 1973]
Sunday aft.

Dear Jean and all,

We were so glad to get your newsy letter - glad to talk with Harold, too.  I saw in the paper an account Maude Miskelly's death and I thought maybe you all might be in this area and drop in on us.

Your family seems busy and active, as always.  I will sure take my hat off to Roberta for losing some weight as I have been trying to do so – I don't go to Weight Watchers, though, but as I understand it that is the only system. I don't get any exercise and you can't maintain much of a figure sitting in front of the TV and eating.  My "helper" (household) broke her ankle about four weeks ago and I have been chasing the dirt "solo" since then so I have been moving around a bit and really feeling better.  It's impossible to get any help in these parts and I've just been real lucky to have had her for several years.

I don't know when we'll go to Stuart [town in Florida 10 miles SW of Port St. Lucie], – Chauncey says not until nearer Christmas time as it's too long down there, – nor for me, however – I'm glad to escape the snow and winter weather.  Sarah Jane flew up from Atlanta last year and drove us clear to Stuart and is going to do same this year.  Susan came to Glen Dale with her last year and we dropped her off at Atlanta going down.

Stuart has had a Dupont office for three years and now has an office for Hutton brokers – Their Dupont office moved into a nice new building last year, – the Hutton office just opened.  Chauncey rides up town to the brokers two or three times a day – We live on the boulevard to the ocean about three miles from the main part of town.

Are you planning to come to Florida this winter?  . . . . We have lots of room.  There are lots of new eating places here now, it's sort of a joke as to where will all the people come from to patronize them.  However, they're all filled up – (new & larger Elbys, "Long John Silver" fish place, Pasquale's Pizza, etc.)  We'll let Mary Va. try them all if you come over –

Let us hear from you all and start out for Glen Dale some fine day –

Love to all, Sarah H

Hope to see Roberta
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