Friday, October 25, 2013

1973 Catherine's letter -Oct.25

Catherine writes a letter to her youngest sister.  Transcription follows.

Thurs. Morning
Oct. 25, 1973
Dear Mary Virginia,

Hi!  Thanks for your latest letter.  I got letters form Serena and Roberta the same day.  Sorry to hear that you fell off the monkey bars.  I hope the damage isn't too painful or permanent.

I'm glad you like the Carpenters record.  We haven't bought any records in a long time.  Sometimes we bring some home from the library.

I'm cooking "Saucy Chicken Breasts" for lunch.  That's what the cookbook calls it anyway.  Do you do any cooking?

Did you make the honor roll?  Did you get holidays for Columbus Day or Veteran's Day?  How was the trip to Atlanta?  Did you drive or fly?

I have to choose the books we buy for the children's room so I'd appreciate it if you'd keep me informed on the books you read and like.

It's time for lunch so I'll have to quit.  Write again soon!

Love, Cathy

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