Sunday, October 06, 2013

1963 - Serena's Dog Fluffy

The 1963 date of this report by Serena on her dog, Fluffy, is an estimate.  Serena can probably tell us what year and month she wrote this report.  Transcription follows.
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My Dog

My dogs name is Fluffy.  He is a boy dog.  He is brown with big white spots and a black strip on his back.  He is three months old now.  His Mother is a beagle but he looks like a Collie.  When we got him was'ent [sic] very tall but fat but now about to my waist but he is not so fat.  I like to play with him and take walks alot.  He is very frisky.  When I get his dish he jumps up on me because he thinks that I already have the milk.  He makes alot of mistakes but I till love him very very much.  The End
By Serena Uible da! da!

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